Fire and Smoke damage restoration Services Long Island, NY

Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup Services Long Island, NY

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Experts

For years, the residents of Long Island have relied on the restoration technicians at Door to Door Pack N’ Store when dealing with the aftermath of a devastating fire. Whether your property requires reconstruction, water extraction after firefighting, soot residue removal, deodorization or more, make Door to Door your first call. We’ll arrive within 60 minutes to begin securing your home from the elements, salvage your contents, and work with your insurance agent to develop a plan of action to restore your property from the fire damage.

  • Emergency Board Up
  • Debris Removal
  • Smoke, Soot, and Odor Removal
  • Complete Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Professional Deodorization
  • Drying and Structure Stabilization
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Temporary Protection
  • Personal Belongings / Contents Cleaning
  • Repairs and General Construction

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

After you have fire damage to your home, it can be difficult to know what is supposed to happen next. Count on Door to Door to know what’s going to happen and walk you through the restoration process.

Emergency Board Up Services

Once you call Door to Door to respond to your home or business fire, the first thing we will do is cover all exposed areas and adequately protect your structure by boarding it up.

Building Stabilization 

After the property has been boarded up, we will make sure no further damage can occur until proper mitigation can begin. It’s typical for most structures after fire damage to be very wet because of the amount of water the fire department uses to put out the fire. We will set up the proper drying equipment to dry and keep the structure safe from secondary water damage like mold.

Debris Removal & Restoration 

Once your property is adequately protected and you have called your insurance company, the insurance adjuster will visit your home. The fire and water restoration can now begin. The restoration process typically starts a day or two after the fire. Again, the quicker you can get the restoration process started, the lesser the chance of additional damage. We will remove all fire-damaged building materials and inventory all contents affected by the fire and water damage.

Cleaning and Deodorization

Once we remove everything from your home, we can begin cleaning and deodorizing. Some of the safe deodorization techniques we use are encapsulation, fogging, hydroxyls, and ice blasting.

Fire Damage Repairs 

Door to Door technicians are also licensed general contractors and can complete your fire damage restoration project from beginning to end. After the cleanup process, we will work with an architect if necessary and have drawings made up of your home for the repairs. Since we also do the emergency restoration cleanup, this is a smooth transition for both you as the property owner and your insurance company.

Cleaning Fire Damage Requires Professional Care

Soot Damage Cleanup 

If you only had a small fire and only see soot damage, you might assume this is an easy task to handle on your own without getting the insurance company involved. Cleaning after a fire requires a detailed cleaning of your home or business from top to bottom, even in areas you think may not have been affected. One great thing to do is to call Door to Door to perform a chemical sponge test. This tool will help show us how much smoke soot you have in your home. Many times your entire kitchen cabinets have to be emptied, and every dish and appliance wiped clean. Without the proper chemicals, you can cause more damage to your surfaces if you attempt to remove soot on your own.

 Smoke Damage on Long Island

You should hire a professional upholstery cleaner to clean any smoke fire damage on your furniture. The lingering odors from smoke are notoriously difficult to remove completely. Smoke can also permeate wallpaper, drywall, and carpets, requiring expert attention and commercial smoke damage repair equipment.

Once you start adding up all the work, it makes more sense to contact a professional and your insurance company. The last thing you want is for your home to not be restored and still have a bad odor in it. Insurance might not cover the cost of your restoration if you didn’t contact them in the first place.


residential fire damage restoration

Fire Safety Tips at Home

Fire damage in a home can be devastating, and it’s always best practice to prevent fires as much as possible instead of having to deal with the aftermath.  Here are a few fire safety tips to help avoid fires and to keep them small if they do happen:

  1. Install smoke detectors on all levels of the home. Change the batteries in all smoke detectors every six months, and check that the detectors are functioning monthly.
  2. Keep an eye on all candles and cooking, including grills, cookers, and fryers. Ensure that any open flame is a minimum of three feet away from flammable materials, and never leave candles or cooking unattended. 
  3. Service all furnaces, chimneys, and fireplaces once a year. Also inspect any space heaters and use proper precautions with space heaters such as making sure the heater is kept away from flammable materials and is turned off when not in use. 
  4. Store gasoline in approved containers in a garage or shed.
  5. Adhere to proper maintenance for all electrical systems and use ground fault circuit interrupters in all outlets that may encounter water, such as those in a kitchen or bathroom.

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